Create Apps Across Platforms

Leverage existing skills to create hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BB

Build Applications using
Cloud Services

Native5 Platform enables developers to build applications across
mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Connect to disparate data sources
Build for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows
Leverage Cloud Backed Services and Client Libraries

Simplify App Management using
Native5 Console

Post development, DevOps tools ensure smooth deployment and management of the
apps across platforms.

Distribute in-house
Get real time insights and reports
Monitor applications and data services
Provision and deploy apps on cloud or private infrastructure

Create Smart, Scalable, Future Proof Apps

Native5 Platform empowers organizations to innovate, iterate
and deliver enterprise apps faster.

Extend to new devices & channels
Act on user insights & application performance
Maintain a single codebase across platforms and devices
Manage and scale your application infrastructure effortlessly